The New York City Transit Authority (MTA) releases weekly data on the number of entries and exits at each of its subway stations. This analysis is based on the data retrieved from the following weeks

  • Week…

One of the hardest places to land, in the world!

Disclaimer: I am not a pilot, just an airplane enthusiast. This is all from a passenger’s perspective.

One of the most exciting approaches has to be the Expressway Visual Approach into New York’s LaGuardia airport. It is apparently a very…

Completed 30 in SF. Treated myself to nitrogen infused ice cream. Flew to Korea on Christmas Day. Rang in the new year in Hanoi, Vietnam.

January: Went to India to share in an old friend getting married. Flew to Doha and missed my connection to JFK thanks to the confusion…

The colonial game that brought 2 enemies together, on one field, with a standing ovation.

Much has been written about the British Raj, the once jewel in Britain’s colonial holdings. After centuries of colonial rule, the subcontinent was all set to be liberated in 1947. Britania was exhausted and broke after World War II and the recently formed United Nations was in a no colonies…

Every now and then, while in our line of duty, we are faced with a crisis. This is the story of Speedbird 38.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. ~ JFK

When dealing with technology; computers malfunction all the time, code always has bugs and users will always falter. Avoiding all those is nearly impossible, but minimizing the detrimental impact is definitely achievable. …

A Garima Arora Production


It is no secret that Bangkok, Thailand is quickly turning into the experimental food capital of the world. The diverse taste buds of the region and a huge population of expats from around the world makes this bustling metropolis the perfect place for gastronomical symphonies.


Sri Ray

Travel. Food. Ice Cream. Tech. | Former @fastly @buzzfeed @bitly @knewton |

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